Leighton Meester, Nylon

Nylon is one of my favorite magazines, because it’s graphically beautiful and stands out from the rest. Which is a hard thing to do in a world where there’s a thousand different magazines. So when one of my favorite actresses got the cover of their November edition, of course I had to check it out. Continue reading


Is there anything more awesome than panda’s? Well, no. But a panda on a comfi grey sweater making a heart with his paws sure comes close. And guess what? I got one of those. And it’s just one example of the amazing items Berlin brand Juniqe makes. And one of those items can be yours quite soon.  Continue reading


Burberry, Romeo Beckhan

How cute is that photo up here? And do you recognize this kid? With a face like that, you can’t be surprised this is the son of one of the hottest men on earth. This right here is Romeo Beckham, modelling in another Burberry campaign. A lovely campaign, I might add.  Continue reading


2014, nov

Hello November! Hello fall and hello Instalife! With it being fall and all you can imagine I’ve been going wild snapping pictures. Or not really? I have been sick for about two weeks so there’s not as many picks of beautiful green and brownish colors as I would like. There is enough to talk about yet again though, so let’s get started.  Continue reading